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Working within the hospitality industry is a great passion of ours. It’s an opportunity for our skills to shine through our meticulous approach to pre production. Collaborating will help you ensure that we will have your interiors looking at it’s finest. As a well established professional photographer for 21 years, we continue to work across Europe creating outstanding images for some of the worlds top branded hotel chains. We are more than interior photographers and understand that to promote a hotel we also have to photograph food and drink. As a member of Scotland Food and Drink we work closely with many of the nations leading brands, so you can rest assure we know how to get the most out of photographing food and drink.


When photographing homes we creat an image of where people want the live. To achieve this, we look at the light and how to respect it. By respecting daylight we can create beautiful soft rooms that look naturally light and spacious. We may need to use available lighting to create warmth, or we add our own lighting to lift darker areas that need to show detail without loosing the feeling of a natural lit space. We straighten lamp shades, mirrors, pictures, hide cables and move furniture to get the best possible angle. We do things properly and go above and beyond to make sure everything is in place so nothing is obscuring any features that need to be highlighted. It’s all about composition and remembering to respect ambient or natural light.


Photographing commercial spaces requires patients and respect to the working environment as on many occasions the commission my come from a third party like a contractor or an architect for a case study. Clever composition and post-production of composites can help us overcome and achieve these clean spaces without intruding or showing staff/customers in the final image. In our commercial folio you can see many images that where created during peak business ours, however we avoid showing any staff or customers in the final image through clever compositions and post-production. We also always remain flexible with our clients and understand that to achieve the perfect photograph we may need to be on location during out of office hours.


Props, lighting, composition, warmth, mood and depth in a lifestyle photograph takes a lot of experience and skill. 21 years is how long our skills spans and this brings a wealth of experience to create a lifestyle image that looks both natural and inviting. By carefully selecting props and finding the perfect angle without staging the shot to make it look unnatural. We are very good at working with people and we‘re very personable which is an essential part of our process when working with models. We could be creating a lifestyle image in a kitchen with models, but still keeping the main focus of the image the “interiors” or without the need of people in the image but still giving the impression somebody has been present.





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